This realtor has a contact that will rent a goat or lots of goats… I do more than just show and sell homes, I solve problems.

Cost:  $1.00  per goat per day.
Cost Includes:  Electric fence to contain goats and guard dog if needed.

Typically goats are set up for a week at a time.   The goats will need a source of water and shelter is a plus.

If you have goat proof fences then the cost is $0.50 cents a day.

Additional questions? Contact:  Lane Potter  541-255-8414

Blackberry Control

Goats eat the leaves off of the blackberries laving the canes.  Without leaves the blackberries can not absorb water.  In most cases three consecutive years of goats stripping the leaves off of the blackberries and the berries will not come back.  Sometimes a large blackberry bush can hide things like stumps and scraps of metal or old fences.  Goats can clear away the brush exposing surprise items that could ruin mowing equipment.

400 goats can eat one acre of blackberries per day!

Things Goats Eat

  • Grass
  • Scotch Broom Bark
  • Hay
  • Shrub Trees
  • Blackberries
  • Flowers, Grass etc.

Things goats should not eat (poisonous)

  • Rhododendrons
  • Cherry Tress
  • Other various plants

Goat facts

  • 400 goats can eat one acres of brush per day
  • Goats are raised for milk, meat and pets for sure.

Having fun every day learning something new.  Here is a link to 39 ways to use goat cheese.