This could be How to Build a Garage.  It’s really how we built a garage piece by piece.

It’s almost been a year long project with lots of hurry up an wait.  The first step was the plan.  Scott took our idea and made it into a plan the Lane County would accept and the process started.

We lined up a concrete for the first week in August 2017 and the hurry up began. In  June trailer by trailer, piece by piece, parts went to Glenwood and to Lane Forest for recycling.  Ernie was sad to see his old friend/office go.  We couldn’t have done it without Calvin’s help.

The wood shed had to be modified for the new fit, eventually it will be relocated.  Notice the pool in the background, it didn’t get much use during the 2017 swim season.     The concrete forms were installed in early august.   Ken the concrete guy and his crew did an amazing job!

Then the building began.  Zaidi Langworthy framed in the structure, added the roof and siding.

Doors and windows and siding, oh my!

Toss in some electrical, sheet rock texture and stir.


Add garage doors and some paint!  And it’s a party in the Garage!  We gained a bit of experience with all the trades.  I can provide names and numbers if you need them, from the ground to the roof and in between.

We are on track to finish sooner or later.  Thanks for taking a looking.  Don’t hesitate to call, I will share most anything we learned  541-689-4621