Today while on my stationary bike I was entertained by the  Sunday July 8th 2018 Business section of the Register-Guard.  The first article title “Location, location… Discussed how much house you can afford depends on where you live.  I was pleased to read that Oregon did not make the list of most expensive and least expensive homes.

Least-Affordable Metro Areas – Median Home Price

  1. San Jose $1.37
  2. Honolulu $775,500
  3. San Francisco $917,000
  4. San Diego $610,000
  5. Los Angeles $545,500

Most Affordable Metro Area – Median Home Price

  1. Decatur Illinois $73,000
  2. Cumberland Maryland $86,200
  3. Elmira, New York $100,800
  4. Binghamton, New York $103,000
  5. Peoria, Illinois $114,800

This would be interesting, if you were looking to invest in properties the most affordable locations might be a good place to start your research.

The next article that kept me moving along on the bike was “Hotels get into home-sharing business.  Companies like Hyatt are investing in high end home rentals for AIR BNB like experience for their customers.   Often AIR BNB rentals can be less professional as they are run by folks that have jobs and lives.  These large hotel run home rentals are kept to high standards with cleanliness, upkeep and a person to meet and introduce you to the home and neighborhood you will be staying in.

Everyone is getting into the home rental business.  Purchasing my first home and then rental properties changed my life.  I can help you explore the ideas of real estate purchases.