Not everyone knows but we  (Jim, Ernie, I and lots of other folks)  have been working on a flip since May.  The big reveal is on Wednesday November 1st

This has been a very educational time, if your interested in information on how and what we did reach out.  We have lots of before during and after pictures.


Here is one of my favorites.


Of course you will want to know how much we spent etc.  Those details will be available after the sale closes.


Staging a property like this is almost my favorite thing to do.


If I were to do this over again, I would take better before pictures. Before half the building was removed.


We added three walk in closets.. This almost felt like community service.  LOL!

Walk in closets don’t photograph well, and mostly they all look the same.

I’m so excited.. I have to keep reminding myself this is just a house Cheryl.  Happy Halloween, be sure to enjoy this beautiful fall day.